Bombshell (15)


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Three mega-blondes dazzle in Jay Roach’s darkly satirical drama.

Taking place in the midst of the 2015 election cycle that quietly saw Donald Trump ascend to his eventual presidential victory, Bombshell brings to life the sexual harassment scandal that hit Fox network when two of its high ranking employees; star anchor Megyn Kelly (Theron) and Gretchen Carlson (Kidman) first accuse and then bring down Roger Ailes, the right-wing Chairman and CEO of the network. Joining them, Robbie's character Kayla, a fictional amalgamation of dozens of ambitious young women, struggles with her own personal exploitation by Ailes during his reign.

Roach takes us behind the scenes of the shape-shifting Fox News landscape, aided by some truly sublime performances. Theron simply disappears into the role of Kelly. Complete with facial prosthetics, contact lenses and a voice lowered to the point where she damaged her vocal chords while filming, she should find herself in serious award contention this season. Robbie is similarly outstanding at portraying Kayla’s frail mental state while John Lithgow cracks open Ailes ugliness with one bullish line after the other.

A punchy, telling insight into women in the Media in times of change. (Chris Coetsee) Much more promising than the poster looks. Come and see.