The King (15)

The King

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Timothee Chalamet holds the kingdom in David Michod’s epic take on Henry V.

Henry has been living precariously away from the palace ever since cutting all ties with his tyrannical father King Henry IV (Ben Mendelsohn). With only his trustee and friend Falstaff (Joel Edgerton) a brave soldier to the King, to look over him, Henry (‘Prince Hal’) has been on a destructive path which could cost him everything.

When his brother Thomas and his father die within days of each other, Henry is forced to step up to his duties, soon finding himself navigating thorny political and social issues which will eventually lead him to a deadly battle against France and its wayward prince, The Dauphin.

Chalamet is terrific in a role which could have easily been too big for the young performer. No. he is a young king who has to learn to trust his instincts to lead. Chalamet delivers every line as if his own life depends on it, growing from young philandering royal to someone who is to be feared by those who dare underestimate him.

Visually stunning and robustly acted, it puts a whole new spin on this much studied historical Shakespearian epic. (Research Chris Coetsee) No tricky pentameters to tackle.