The Day Shall Come (15)

The Day Shall Come

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Nine years after the cold courage and brilliance of his last big screen offering, Four Lions (2010) director Chris Morris delivers another pitch-black comedy about police overreach and unabated racial inequality in America.

Marchant Davis stars as Moses, a semi-delusional Miami resident hoping to form an army to take on the “Oppressive Regime". But only finds four others. While his wife Venus, is fed up not being able to pay the rent. With his two sidekicks (McPherson and Mays) he recruits local shopkeeper Reza and jihadist Malik for support, unaware both are actually FBI informants. With Moses’ blind refusal to use guns/violence in his cause, the Feds need a new angle. Led by Anna Kendrick's all-too eager beaver and Denis O'Hare's dangerously desperate boss, the agency concocts an absurd scam to try and link Moses to a supply of rogue nuclear weapons.

An early pioneer among Britain's anti-authority comedy titans, Morris still appears several steps ahead in his agility in tackling the ridiculous and the taboo. This take on the robustly explored subject of terrorism feels fresh and essential. A slapstick, hilarious yet disturbing, poignant tale of injustice. (Research Chris Coetsee) Another bite at making no difference, but come for the day.