Official Secrets (15)

Official Secrets

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Keira Knightley captivates in Gavin Hood's angry, urgent political thriller.

A long time effective and loyal intelligence office, Katharine is troubled when she receives an email from the NSA instructing her team to essentially blackmail members of the United Nations. Horrified, she leaks classified documents intended to strong-arm the UN Security Council into backing the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq. As the hunt for the whistle blower begins, the war gets underway and Katharine finds herself facing a cat and mouse legal battle as the British government comes bearing down on her.

Official Secrets highlights many of the issues explored previously in Eye in the Sky on top of original films like All the President’s Men and Spotlight. As the characters work to unravel the personal, political, and professional implications of the leak, you always have a sense of the stakes at play. Keira Knightly gives it her all. Her initial passion for avoiding the war turns into a determination to take on the Country’s lies.

The story of an ordinary woman whose revulsion gives her the guts to take on this very dangerous game against ruthless heavyweights, is a cautionary tale indeed. Welcome to the now (then and evermore). (Research Chris Coetsee)