Ghostbusters. (12A)


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A master class in blending, Ghostbusters is the ultimate horror comedy.

In the prime of their Saturday Night Live heyday, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis, who all contributed to the script and improvised many scenes, play three down on their luck parapsychologists. When a strange light begins to emit from Sigourney Weaver’s fridge! This turns out to be a doorway to another dimension, attracting all kinds of spooks. The team kick start the business of catching these things, practically demolishing the apartment block along the way.

It isn’t just Murray’s comic timing that holds up to this day; the special effects that bring the apparitions to terrifying life almost steal the film from under the sarcastic leads (one particular librarian still gives me nightmares). Who can forget such memorable monsters: a fifty-foot walking marshmallow, a flying booger, and a Sheena Easton lookalike in bubble wrap? Imagination on overload. (research Jack Whiting) Halloween Schmalloween. It is as fresh and as silly as it ever was. Come.