Hustlers (15)


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An era-defining film that Hollywood didn’t know it needed; Hustlers is female empowerment writ large as J-Lo and co. strut their stuff.

Adapted from a magazine article about a scam perpetrated by a group of dancers at a New York strip club, Lorene Scafaria’s wildly entertaining comedy offers both a welcome twist in the crime thriller genre, and a “I can’t believe this actually happened” true-story drama in one clever and subverting package.

“This whole country’s a strip club.” This is the grand philosophy of dancer Ramona (Lopez) you’re either the ones throwing the money, or you’re the ones it from a pole. The original article frames the women in a Robin Hood contest; drugging and robbing Wall Street one creep at a time to afford a better life for themselves and their families at a time of financial disarray. Here, it plays out with the slickness of a Steven Soderbergh thriller; this all sounds headier than Hustlers’ marketing would have you believe, but rest assured this is a tremendously entertaining film, and one of the year’s sleeper hits. (research Jack Whiting) We pushed to get this in the programme, so come sisters, don’t be sorry you missed it.