Non-Fiction (15)


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Romance’s brave new world is debated in a snapshot of the bohemian Parisian publishing world.

When controversial author Léonard (Vincent Macaigne) delivers his latest book to his editor Alain, Léonard’s lover, the actress Selena (Juliette Binoche) is afraid her husband, Alain, will recognise the participants of the book’s affair as “Non-Fiction.” (so far so french)

Set against the backdrop of the evolve-or-die 21st-century world of publishing where Alain presides. The film opens up beyond its world of relaxed beatnik dinner parties full of drinking and debating to examine what keeps this couple together and what may eventually tear them apart.

Hearkening back to an era of French cinema loaded with literate dialogue, Non-Fiction is not just about the publishing society, it is an essential part of it. It assumes, without prejudice, its audience has the same intellectual and cultural touchstones as its characters (so far so french). It is sharp, sly and almost old-fashioned in its narrative straightforwardness yet broad-stroked with literary layers.

Secrets and sparks a plenty, it’s a warm, humane story about the messy business of life which, every so often, reveals moments of unexpected joy. (Research Chris Coetsee) And it is gorgeous in narrative and character, so come. In fact, don’t miss.