The Art of Racing in the Rain (PG)

The Art of Racing in the Rain

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The art of making animals talk on film shows no signs of slowing down as yet another canine centric tear-jerker (ala Marley and Me) based around motor racing. As far as strange combinations go, it’s up there.

The film, aimed with lethal efficiency at your tear ducts, stars Milo Ventimiglia as Denny, an aspiring racing driver who buys a puppy on a whim and christens it Enzo. Kevin Costner lends his gravel-blasted rumble of a voice to Enzo, one that makes him sound more like a chain-smoking dive bar derelict than a retriever. “All I know is that I was meant to be his dog.”

The bond between pup and his man is tested when Denny meets Eve (Amanda Seyfried). But Eve shows the kind of loyalty usually reserved for canine companions, and spends most of her scenes urging Denny never to give up on his dreams of motor racing stardom. But a dark shadow falls when Eve begins to feel unwell. Corny? Yes. Manipulative? You betcha. But still endearing. (Jack Whiting)