Pain and Glory (15)

Pain and Glory

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Visually exquisite and deeply meditative, Antonio Banderas excels as an ageing director reflecting on his past

In his most personal work to-date, Almodóvar returns with his colourful stylistic flair and humanist themes. Banding together with Banderas to take on a semi-autobiographical role, Antonio plays Salvador, a successful yet reclusive film director in limbo, miserable and sick. Thirty years after his hit film Sabor, he reunites with the film’s star Alberto (Asier Etxeandia) after a lengthy rift in their friendship (the comedic Q&A scene in which they both feature is a treasure). As Alberto brings out heroin during their reunion, Salvador, uncharacteristically, asks to have some. In one of many interesting access points into his memory, the trip takes Salvador back to his childhood with his mother, Jacinta (playedbeautifully as you would expect by Penelope Cruz). Pain and Glory seamlessly moves between the past and present, the literal highs and lows, and all the while exploring how the two very different times interconnect. From Salvador’s time with his mother, his first real desire, to grown-up-love, the film is a powerful exploration of how passions and losses shape us. (research Rachel Williams) And what crippling shapes passion and loss can make...