The Dead Don't Die (15)

The Dead Don't Die

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Just when the zombie sub-genre was shuffling back into the ground, hipster filmmaker Jim Jarmusch comes along and digs it up again.

Jarmusch stalwarts Bill Murray (Broken Flowers) and Adam Driver (Paterson) play Cliff and Ronnie, respectively. These two small town police officers banter amiably in their squad car and check in with their partner,  Mindy (Chloe Sevigny), back at Centerville HQ. Their wake-up call happens when the globe takes a spin on its axis, night never falls and in a forever daylight the dead rise from the cemetery, demanding what they wanted most in life: coffee, WiFi and “especially chardonnay.” Two zombies, played by Sara Driver  and Iggy Pop, make for stand out corpses.

The blood-filled carnage is good for business for the town’s undertaker, Zelda Winston, played by Tilda Swinton (Only Lovers Left Alive) in the film’s most outrageously entertaining performance as a samurai from outer space.

The ever increasing in-jokes, and the smug, self referential, not to mention overtly deadpan tone doesn’t exactly ease in non-Jarmusch enthusiasts Undead aside, this is a Jarmusch film, for better or worse. (Jack Whiting)