When Harry Met Sally (15)

When Harry Met Sally

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As this film so famously posed, and so glibly answered, twenty six years ago…

Can men and women ever just be friends? From enemies to confidants to lovers, it seems to smugly relish the fact that it has proven its point: men and women can never just ‘be friends’. Sex is always the bond that unites/destroys them.

Each scene is a set piece with a string of one-liners. Forget content, it is put-downs and one-liners from the start. But what fabulous liners and put-downs.

Look at all the familiar clichés. The one-track mind male; the sensitive, practical female, repulsed yet compelled by him (despite his hair) the unsettled mistress playing the field, the live-ins who can't ‘commit’, the ‘tendency’ for men (no just men) to run after sex, the horror and unpredictability of blind dates. Then there’s ‘that scene’ of a woman's ultimate ball-breaking. Its pace, wit, economy, good humour and grace and Billy Crystal’s fabulous, consistently deadpan face, have turned it into comedy classic. The comedy hit of 1989 in fact. Come and see still working... at new year 2019. Only the years change, we pretend to, but will always… want what she’s having… Don’t fake it. Come, titter along. Tittering doesn’t get much better.