Lady and the Tramp (U)

Lady and the Tramp

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Two chalk and cheese mutts paw their way into our hearts in this 1955 Disney classic.

Lady is a very pampered cocker spaniel who is used to being the centre of attention. When her loved-up humans depart on vacation, Aunt Sarah arrives to look after their newborn baby, bringing with her a mischievous pair of Siamese cats who cause quite a disturbance in the house. When this outsider purchases a muzzle and puts it on Lady, she runs away, hurt and humiliated. Meeting Tramp, a stray male dog from the ‘wrong side of town’, he finds a way to free her and whisks her away on a romantic adventure.

A delight for the children and a joy for adults, Lady and the Tramp is a film layered with some truly iconic moments that have helped define Disney for generations. A nostalgic charmer, its token sweetness continues to appeal (rarely can you find such tenderness in bowl of spaghetti). With a full-scale, CGI reboot barking on the horizon, re-live the original one more time. (Research Chris Coetsee) Come re-live, or first-time it. At 8 years old, me and our John raced to see it together at the ‘Sunhall’ on Stanley Road.