Kinds of Kindness (18)

Kinds of Kindness

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Yorgos Lanthimos drags us to some mind-bending places in this trippy, triptych fable.

Returning to their surreally challenging storytelling style, Lanthimos and writing partner Efthimos Filippou have concocted three separate stories starring the same core cast. Each is a warped quest for some sort of redemption, with elements that ring true only within the reality of the narrative.

First there's Robert (Jesse Plemons), whose every life detail is dictated by his depraved desperation to get back into the good books of Raymond (Willem Dafoe), his boss. Then there’s cop Daniel (Plemons again), convinced wife Liz (Emma Stone), recently reunited, is not the same person who was reported missing. Finally, Emily (Stone) and Andrew (Plemons) are searching for the promised one for their cult leaders (Dafoe and Hong Chau).

These three tales explore ideas of power and morality in ways that are, at times, literally breathtaking. Seven actors play different roles in each segment, as a carefully ordered existence is disrupted and needs healing. Plemons is the standout, with three amazingly nuanced, emotionally raw roles, while Emma Stone once again reveals her fearlessness in facing whatever Lanthimos throws at her. Fiercely original and impossibly unforgettable