The Garfield Movie (U)

The Garfield Movie

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Say what you will about Garfield, but the cat knows his strengths. Lazing around, eating lasagna, hating Mondays. The repertoire may be lean, but the 46-year career suggests it’s a winning one.

This latest attempt at adapting Jim Davis’ creation - readily marketed here as a glossy, sellable brand - shows how Garfield (Chris Pratt) first met his human owner Jon (Nicholas Hoult) and became estranged from his father Vic (Samuel L. Jackson) who shows up just in time to beg his son for help in a daring milk-bottle heist to pay off the vindictive Persian cat Jinx (Hannah Waddingham). Even Snoop Dogg turns up to voice a cat at one point.

Whether or not you think this is an origin story that needs to be told, and one in such a frenetic, Minions-esque way for that matter, is up to the little ones to decide. Parents do get a few bones thrown in the form of movie references to Mission: Impossible, Top Gun and, bizarrely, Fargo. But this is definitely aimed at (very) young. Best to just go with it.