Back To Black (15)

Back To Black

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The life and legacy of post-millennial pop’s unforgettable icon.

Arguably the greatest singer of her generation and the queen of modern soul, Amy Winehouse recorded just two albums in her lifetime: 2003’s Frank and 2006’s sixteen-million-selling masterpiece Back to Black. But so enduring are her songs and shadow-eyed, wild-beehived image that she practically defines her era single-handedly.

Here, rather than delving into the forensic details surrounding Amy's tragic death, Sam Taylor-Johnson’s film chooses to focus predominantly on celebrating her life and musical journey. Back to Black unfolds as the story viewed through the lens of the singer herself, an approach that sidesteps the potential pitfalls of recounting her rise and fall.

While there exist grittier and darker portrayals of Winehouse's life that could be depicted on screen, Marisa Abela brilliantly captures her essence with a tenderness that highlights her youth, a stark contrast to her tough exterior and a voice rich far beyond her years. And though it may present a somewhat sanitised version of Amy's decline compared to Asif Kapadia's gritty and definitive 2015 documentary Amy, this film still paints a significant narrative of an artist tragically lost well before her time.