Next Goal Wins (12A)

Next Goal Wins

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Kicking against the odds, Michael Fassbender stars in Taika Waititi’s charming tale of the biggest losers in football history.

A decade after enduring the worst World Cup loss on record, the American Samoa soccer team's redemption lies in the hands of disgraced Dutch American coach Thomas Rongen (Fassbender). Tasked with resurrecting their dignity, he faces cultural clashes and a team more focused on relationships than the game. But their lush Pacific island setting soon becomes the canvas for a remarkable journey of self-reflection, rebirth and unexpected triumph.

Renowned for films like Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do in the Shadows, Waititi's signature blend of heartwarming storytelling and quirky characters seamlessly blends with the world of sports. As the perpetually frustrated Thomas, Fassbender is the straight guy amongst a large ensemble of wonderful local actors who never steal focus from each other. His crippling intensity sits at odds with their more soulful approach to life but as Thomas evolves from a grumpy outsider to an empathetic mentor, both his character and the film explore themes of acceptance and the joy inherent in the game. A delightful blend of humour, heart and sportsmanship.