ParaNorman (PG)


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The team responsible for Coraline hit back with another gorgeous stop motion animation, this time unleashing the zombie genre on unsuspecting kids. Now no age group is safe from the shambling undead! The pun-tastic title ParaNorman is a reference to the fact that its star, Norman, voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee, can see dead people. Rather unwisely, he doesn’t keep this fact to himself and thus becomes a disappointment to his grumpy dad. A target for bullies and a total embarrassment to his self-obsessed sister Courtney (Anna Kendrick). Thankfully, Norman soon gets the chance to show up his critics when he finds he’s responsible for keeping a curse at bay which threatens to destroy his small New England town.

“There are some brilliant gags, like when Norman struggles to wrench a book of spells from the rigor-mortis-stiff hands of a corpse. Ghoulish? Yes. Funny? You bet.” (Time Out)

Invoking feelings of Goonies and Beetlejuice; ParaNorman is a brilliant mixture of scares and screams, danger and humour. Under 10s may find it a little frightening, but there’s no harm in injecting a little fear where it’s due. (Jack Whiting) Norman is scaring me already! It’s a silly tale and they all live happily ever after, but little one’s under six might not like it.