Jaws (12A)


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Now a restored print, Steven Spielberg's serial-killer masterpiece from 1975 was adapted from Peter Benchley's bestseller. A killer shark with the cunning of a U-boat commander is eating swimmers, and threatening to destroy the precarious prosperity of Amity beach over the 4th July weekend.  

Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw are the three we know well, tracking down the shark and each with something to prove. Dreyfuss is oceanographer Hooper, who has to show he's man enough to take down the big fish. Scheider's police chief has to redeem himself after participating in that contemporary political phenomenon, a cover-up: To protect tourism he’s coerced to withhold information, resulting in a dead child, and Shaw's grizzled seadog Quint is haunted by a chilling wartime memory.

“Don't listen to the cynics who claim the shark looks plastic now. This is a suspense classic that leaves teeth-marks.” (Guardian)

“Steven Spielberg's 1975 box-office hit transposed Ibsen’s ‘An Enemy Of The People’ from 19th-century Norway to present day Long Island, turning the play into a group jeopardy thriller that launched Hollywood's new saturation distribution system and elevated Spielberg to the big time.” (Observer)

It became the film to create the term; ‘Blockbuster’ from its endless queues ‘around the block’.