Yesterday (12A)


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This Curtis and Boyle musical fairytale imagines a world without the Fab Four.

Jack (Himesh Patel) is a struggling singer-songwriter from Suffolk, ready to pack in his music career. After crashing his bike during a freak global power surge, Jack is the only one in the universe that can remember The Beatles and their back catalogue. Reconstructing their songs from memory, Jack is presented with a golden opportunity for him to pursue the kind of success he’s always dreamed of.

Elevated by two fine performances courtesy of Patel and Lily James, the film wears its heart on its sleeve from the get go. Patel, previously of EastEnders fame, is an excellent choice for Jack. He’s the millennial Hugh Grant character, mumbling and slightly more down-played, but much less self-consciously. He nails the everyman vibe and the panic of suddenly having the world at your feet.

Yesterday doesn't exactly rip up the rulebook but the new L&Mc, Curtis and Boyle. have gone to great lengths to subtly tweak the traditional romcom formula to create a genuinely touching, smart comedy, which will undoubtedly become the feel-good hit of the summer. (Research Chris Coetsee) As did the Beatles - for a few summers of their own. Fab. Come.