Men in Black: International (12A)

Men in Black: International

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One of the best blockbusters of the nineties hits the reboot button, and after two disappointing sequels to the original, this is actually a welcome reset.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are in the sunglasses this time, effortlessly carrying over the chemistry from their time together on Thor: Ragnarok (Tessa played fellow Asgardian warrior, Valkyrie). She has dreamed of joining the Men In Black since she was an astronomy-loving little girl. Once she talks her way into a job, the newly christened Agent M is assigned to the London branch, where she teams up with cocky, foolhardy Agent H (Hemsworth) to protect a benign alien. But their mission turns deadly, suggesting the possibility that there may be a rogue agent in the MIB.

The duo are clearly having an intergalactic blast (even if Hemsworth comes off a bit smug) and although they can’t possibly fill their respective Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones shaped holes, it’s MIB veteran Agent O (Emma Thompson) beamed over from the previous films, who steals every scene. (research Jack Whiting) Sounds okay. The first film was fab, this one may take its palce in the also-ran dept. Once more, critics sniffed, so come.