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Apollo 11

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Todd Douglas Miller’s breathtaking documentary peels away the familiar to make one giant leap into the cosmos.

On the eve of the mission’s 50th anniversary, NASA’s vaults have opened for the first time to reveal this exquisite, never-before seen film footage of the Apollo 11 mission. There is no voiceover, no talking heads appear and on-screen text is limited to identifying the key players and a few tasteful info-graphics. This isn’t a testament to individuals and their psychologies; this is a story of process and progress.

From the opening images of Saturn V inching its way to destiny across Pad 39A to shots of thousands of Americans who camped out under a clear summer sky to witness it, the shimmering 70mm footage, beautifully captured on the ground by a team of NASA staff, captures a dreamy-eyed portrait of America as it stepped into the future.

As the voices of mission control calmly guide Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins from Cape Kennedy to the lunar surface, Miller’s Apollo 11 becomes a phenomenal historical time capsule that cements NASA’s first moon landing as a pivotal moment in our history. (Research Chris Coetsee) Priceless. Try not to have had-enough of it all before you see this.