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Regina Hall excels in this heartfelt comedy about workplace sisterhood.

Lisa (Hall) is the general manager of Double Whammies, a Hooters-esque sports bar in Texas. Described by one of the characters as a fantasy fuelled by “boobs, brews and big screens”, the waitresses in Double Whammies are all attractive twenty-somethings reliant on tips to make a living. More a mother-hen figure than a manager, Lisa protects the girls from disrespectful customers, often going above and beyond to look out for her team. Mostly centered around one day, we first meet an exhausted Lisa crying in her car before starting a shift. A string of incidents follow which test her optimism, from finding the cook’s relative stuck in the air ducts after trying to rob the restaurant, to the TV breaking before a big fight night. It focuses on the sisterly bond the women cultivate, whilst subtly uncovering the nightly microaggressions they meet working in the service industry. With standout performances from Hall and Haley Lu Richardson as the bubbly Maci, the characters are not merely tropes but fleshed out characters with complex inner lives. An entertaining and revealing comedy. (research Rachel Williams) Picked from the hat of unlikely winners, this is a perfect mid-week antedote.