Long Shot (15)

Long Shot

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Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen make a surprisingly loveable double act in Jonathan Levine’s screwball, often touching comedy.

Theron plays Charlotte Field, the secretary of State to a feckless boob president who decides to make a run for the White House herself. Rogen is Fred Flarsky, a journalist who’s first seen infiltrating a white-supremacist gang and heartily shouting, “F*** (Daily Mail censored) the Jews!”

Fred bumps into Charlotte at a reception and uh oh... No? Yes! She was his babysitter when he was 13. Once the pleasantries are over, Field hires Flarsky to write jokes for her speeches on account of her needing to lighten up. Of course, he ends up charming the pants off her. But can something real develop between these polar opposites as they bond over Boyz II Men and dance to the soundtrack of Pretty Woman?

The result is a gleefully retro and raunchy funfest. That the rom and the com both land is a tribute to the leads. Sure, Rogen has played this kind of loveable schlub before, but here he hones it to perfection. And Charlize shows a cool, refreshing flair for comedy that plays effortlessly alongside Seth’s shtick. (Jack Whiting) Rom & Com indeed. Best night for miles.