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Vox Lux

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Prepared to be wowed as Natalie Portman takes the stage, embodying a swaggering rock diva who tends to burn down everything in her path.

Raffey Cassidy plays Celeste, a teenage survivor of a school shooting. At a memorial for her deceased classmates, Celeste sings a song about her ordeal. The media attention transforms her into a star. Seventeen years later and Celeste, now played by Portman, is a pop music icon. She’s a drug-taker, day-drinking, entitled nightmare, who pretty much ignores her teenage daughter (weirdly, also played by Cassidy) and is a massive pain in the butt for her manager, played brilliantly by Jude Law.

“A Dark Star is Born” as Robbie Collin accurately coined; Bradley Corbet’s surging, shimmering music drama has all the veneer of Bradley Cooper’s Oscar swooner, but peel away the glossy finish and a far more sinister tale emerges. The film concludes with Portman singing rousing, electro anthems (all written by pop-powerhouse, Sia) as Celeste carves out a safe harbour in the blinding glare of the spotlight. This woman refuses to bear the burden of the film’s title - to be a voice of light. (Jack Whiting) Wow... over to you. See Natalie Portman’s breakout role - Leon (Sat 8th)