Tolkien (12A)


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Nicholas Hoult’s tender portrayal anchors this fantasy-flecked account of the mind behind Middle Earth.

As a child, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (b: 3.1.1892. SA d: 2.9.1973. UK) befriends a group of fellow writers and artists at school. Their bond of fellowship grows with the years. When his mother dies prematurely, John is forced to relocate to the industrial heart of Birmingham where he is put into the care of the strict Father Francis. He meets and falls in love with Edith, said: the inspiration for Eowyn? (Lily Collins) but finds it difficult to commit to a leap of faith, turning his attention instead to his writing. When War breaks out, John’s fervent imagination turns his hellish trenches trauma into a tour of monsters and dragons as the world he knows and the fellowships he cherishes are threatened.

Tolkien wasn’t the first to unleash a world of elves and wizards, but fantasy literature, and now very firmly: film, has since leapt from minority interest to cultural phenomenon. Karukoski creatively provides a warming glimpse into the past of one of the literary world’s most successful authors, thankfully without over-glorifying him. (Research Chris Coetsee) Low key is the key to a great show from the two leads. Come.