Loro (18)


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Acclaimed director Paolo Sorrentino’s raucous exposé on the tumultuous late career of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Loro presents a somewhat fictionalised version of events, opening on Sergio Morra, a young playboy on the up who wants to get close to the big boss. His strategy: rent a villa opposite Berlusconi's waterfront estate in Sardinia and fill it full of semi-naked girls on a diet of free champagne and cocaine for days on end. All he has to do is wait for the scandal-plagued billionaire to lift his binoculars from across the water and reel in his catch. The deliciously decadent Tony Servillo, a Sorrentino regular, is eerily perfect here in his role as the politician. Creepy, charismatic and uncanny, he makes it so easy to understand how this man charms and wriggles his way into the lives of so many.

Sorrentino has made a name for himself both in his home country and abroad with his portraits of the lavish contradictions of his homeland. Like The Great Beauty and Il Divo, Loro revels in the hedonism of its subjects. It’s an angry, scornful vision. (Research Chris Coetsee) Don’t miss this, nor: The Great Beauty (2013) on Sunday 12th.