Shazam! (12A)


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Tuesday 28 May 201914:00 Book Now

I always thought Bananaman could do with a Blockbuster makeover, and now my dreams of a sort have been fulfilled with this next DC entry: Shazam!

It follows Billy (Asher Angel) a teenager who stumbles upon an ancient, mystical wizard that grants him the ability to transform whenever he shouts the film’s title.

Suddenly, he’s a muscled do-gooder in spandex played by a 38 year old Zachary Levi  with a enough dazzling powers to set the movie spinning into the screwball stratosphere. He does what any teenager-stuck-in-an-adult-body would do, film himself testing these Superman-like abilities with his high-school buddy, Freddy, and putting it on the internet for the lols.

Trouble soon finds Billy in the form of Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong, having a blast). The yarn then pulls out all the FX stops when these two magic men go at each other during a climactic carnival. But that stuff is just white noise compared to the relationship between Billy and Freddy. If you ever thought Tom Hanks in Big could have done with the odd super-power or two, this one’s the ticket. (research Jack Whiting) Super heroes with the essential ‘Eric IS Bananaman’ fluff... is Just the ticket - indeed.