Ring (15)


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The original, and one that kick-started a new wave of Asian horror; Ring tells a chilling tale that, twenty years on, still leaves a mark.

A bizarre string of deaths begin to occur in the suburbs of Tokyo, and rumours say they’re linked to a deadly videotape (VHS, remember those?). This is a story too strange for journalist Reiko (Nanako Matsushima) to pass up, and so begins her descent into uncovering the dark secrets behind the cursed cassette. Ring is not so much a straight-horror as it is a slow-burn mystery; the ghost-delivery system could hardly seem more antiquated now than the use of carrier pigeons, but the notion of an urban myth, passed about eagerly by teenagers, oddly, makes even more sense in the social media age.

This stunning restoration upgrades Sadako, the ghostly menace who resides in the static of the video, to terrifying high-definition. She became one of the most instantly recognisable screen monsters - even casual film goers can picture her reaching out of the TV -  and time has done little to diminish her chilling presence. (Research Jack Whiting) A truly astonishing, chilling classic, where your cold shivers are real, not dated. Don’t miss.