Goldfinger (PG)


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This third Bond outing in 1964 was the first to truly hit home and stir the iconic cinematic giant it would become. It had to become iconic or lose its grip on that part of the vital mid-sixties. With Sean just coming into his own to make Bond unmistakably his own, it hit the psyche with phenomenal force. Now much copied, and surpassed here and there, it remains the hand-to-hand everybody wants to see. Goldfinger created a hit song that even now, 55 years later, won’t lie down and die. Oddjob is immortalised through his lethal, frisbee bowler, Gert Frobe had only to deliver one noteworthy line: “No Mr Bond, I expect you die”. An immortal reply, beautifully delivered. 60’s poster girl, Shirley Eaton ‘died’ naked painted in gold and the gorgeous Honor Blackman will forever be ‘Poosy Galore’. A finest hour all round. Now we have a brand new print to show on our big screen without crackle or blemish. So come, time to be shaken and stirred by Mr Connery’s immortal James Bond. An irresistible Easter Monday family treat. Don’t miss.