The Kid Who Would Be King (PG)

The Kid Who Would Be King

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What happens when you cross Harry Potter with King Arthur? You get a wholesome, British-set fantasy adventure.

There aren’t many kids’ films that actually blank a sense of childlike wonder, yet Boy Who Would Be King does just that. Louis Serkis (son of Andy) plays Alex, a likable kid who’s running away from bullies when he pulls Arthur’s sword Excalibur out of a chunk of concrete on a building site. It takes the arrival of Merlin (Patrick Stewart) – ageing backwards, he’s now a teenager in a duffel coat played by Angus Imrie – to explain that Alex must defeat Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson) - who draws some humorous Brexit comparisons as she proclaims Britain “lost and leaderless” - and her army of undead demon knights. With his best mate Bedders, Alex gathers a crew of knights to save the Earth.

Comedian turned director Joe Cornish returns seven years after Attack the Block, to direct a kind of film they just don’t make anymore: expansive live-action adventure tales, unabashedly aimed at young people, not the adults charged with taking them to the cinema. (Jack Whiting) Right. You’ve been told, no point in trying the duffel coat trick. 39 is 39. How old is writer: Joe Cornish btw...