Beautiful Boy (15)

Beautiful Boy

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Felix Van Groeningen's informative and important drama about a family coping with the effects of crystal meth addiction (not again…!)

Based on a true story, Groeningen’s powerful film follows a teenage boy in the grip of substance abuse. Adapted from Nicolas and David Sheff’s tell-all memoirs about a son’s personal struggles with addiction and his father’s battle to deal with it, Beautiful Boy adds texture to the already established conversation about the horrors of addiction and the tolls it takes on its victims and their families.

David Sheff (Carell) has done everything he can to give his son Nic (Chalamet) a good life growing up, but he’s heartbroken to learn that despite his best efforts Nic has become addicted to meth. David loves his son deeply and will do whatever it takes in order to get him clean. As he delves deeper into the warren of paternal strife, he quickly learns that there’s only so much he can do. In the end it all comes down to Nic and how far he’s willing to want to try.

Beautifully crafted, there’s an undeniable, underlying beauty to Beautiful Boy that simply can’t be underestimated. (Chris Coetsee)