Sorry to Bother You (15)

Sorry to Bother You

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Tuesday 22 Jan 201919:30 Book Now

Debut director Boots Riley pulls no punches with this scathing social commentary; a cluster bomb of biting, satirical comedy.

Lakeith Stanfield stars as Cassius Green, a jobless man in an existential crisis who yearns to provide a better life for himself and his artist girlfriend, Detroit (Tessa Thompson). After getting a job as a telemarketer, he soon realises he has a natural gift for it, thanks to a foul-mouthed Danny Glover helping him unlock his internal ‘white voice’ (hilariously materialised by David Cross). As Cassius climbs the ranks of his new profession, he’s met with resistance from Detroit and his friends, who see him compromising his integrity as he sells himself out to a greedy corporation

In a gleeful takedown of corporate America, Riley sharply tackles the lengths people must go through, particularly those of colour, to make something of themselves in our current social and political climate. Aiming for sheer lunacy and hitting the bullseye, it’s exactly what we need in our current timeline; a smart, pointed and hysterical “up yours” to the powers that be that isn’t afraid to confront its audience. (Research Chris Coetsee)