The Old Man & the Gun (12A)

The Old Man & the Gun

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It had to be one year Robert Redford would be celebrated on our anniversary. So 14 years just gone.

Like a warm smile, The Old man & the Gun is an endearing caper that celebrates Robert Redford’s easy charm with effortless style.

Redford is the preposterously charming F.Tucker, a jailbird for whom ‘career criminal’ is somewhat understated. Tucker began an outlaw’s life in his teens and could never bring himself to give it up. His first escape from incarceration came when he was just 15 years old, whereupon he managed 17 further escapes (one such sees him build a kayak, ‘inside’, from scratch and paddle away in full view of the guards).

David Lowery, a filmmaker of immense diversity, gets the most out of Redford and Sissy Spacek, not to mention a scene, nay, film stealing monologue from the ever gorgeous Tom Waits. It helps that Lowery lovingly recreates the time period also, from the opening titles to the film grain, the overall feel of an early Redford picture is all over it.

For a final turn, cool and graceful, Mr Sundance does it, without a glance over his shoulder.

“It takes a lifetime of effort to look this effortless...” (Empire Dec 2018)