Ralph Breaks the Internet (PG)

Ralph Breaks the Internet

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Ralph ‘Wrecks’ the Internet would’ve been a more suitable title but then the filmmakers would have missed out on a reference to a tabloid story from 2014, which is something this sequel just loves doing: making references.

Cynical cash-grab aside (c’mon, it’s Disney), there’s a lot to love in this world wide web-themed adventure. Our hero Ralph (John C Reilly) is pretty much how we left him, living out a peaceful – if not monotonous – life in the arcade with his best friend Vanellope (Sarah Silverman). They cause gentle havoc, they cameo in other games, and for Ralph that’s quite enough excitement. But young Vanellope longs for something new.

When the arcade’s elderly proprietor finally installs wifi (or ‘wee-fee’, as they pronounce it), it opens the door to a whole new online world, one that sings with sound and fury, from viral videos to vicious comment sections. While Ralph is keen to return to their old life, Vanellope is transfixed by the possibilities the internet offers, and starts to consider what life might be like outside of the arcade. Cue a slew of internet in-jokes and online based calamities. (Jack Whiting)