The Girl in the Spider's Web (15)

The Girl in the Spider's Web

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The Lisbeth Salander mantle is passed, yet again, this time to Claire Foy, who gives badass a new name in this slick thriller.

Spider’s Web starts with a flashback in which the young Lisbeth escapes from the lair of her pervy father, leaving her sister Camilla to his deviant ways.  It’s the reappearance of the now-grown Camilla (Sylvia Hoeks) as a svelte blonde dressed in red — and ready to do her own damage — that sparks the action. As head of a group of brutal mercenaries called the Spiders, her sister wants to get her hands on software capable of hacking into the world’s nuclear arsenals.

If David Fincher’s take on Stieg Larsson's Dragon Tattoo series was a meticulous blueprint that unraveled at the pace of a sloth (it ran close to three hours) then this version jettisons subtlety and texture in favour of adrenaline fuelled, gung-ho bravado; with Salander coming off more as a James Bond figure than the detached cyber-sleuth of the novels. It all makes for a silly, shallow, fab fun-fun ride. (research Jack Whiting)

Wow... Clare Foy. Who’d have guessed it. From Her Majesty, to anxious American Moonman’s wife to this ‘badass’ - all within the space of a netflicker’s crotchet.