The Grinch (PG)

The Grinch

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Benedict Cumberbatch is the last person I’d expect to voice this classic character, but he does an impressive job embodying the surly, sour, but ultimately wounded soul.

The Grinch lives on a mountain high above the town of Whovillle, where festive goodwill is spreading like an epidemic. Like Scrooge, there’s an explanation for his shrivelled heart that’s rooted in the Grinch’s backstory: he grew up unloved in an orphanage where Christmas came not even once a year.

To destroy the fun for everyone else, the Grinch is impersonating Santa to steal the town’s presents. At the same time, cute-as-a-button poppet Cindy Lou cracks a plan to trap Santa as he comes down the chimney to be doubly sure her Christmas wishes come true.

While this is a much safer iteration of the Dr. Zeus creation; far more so than the admittedly terrifying, Jim Carrey horror show from nearly two decades ago, and though its ambition remains rather low, the visual gags and charm will warm over any cold critic. (Jack Whiting). It looks hilarious and sounds like great fun. Nobody here will be nit-picking. Bring the street.