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Steve McQueen hasn’t been seen since he struck Oscar glory with 12 Years a Slave; now he returns with his most un-McQueen like release, Widows.

Based on the 1983 ITV series by Lynda La Plante, Veronica (Viola Davis) is the widow of Harry Rawlings (Liam Neeson) a criminal whose team went up in flames in the film’s opening (and beautifully edited) heist-gone-wrong. Judging from an intimate flashback, it’s clear these two had a good thing going, and McQueen and Gillian Flynn’s (Gone Girl) screenplay lays on the backstory of a shared tragedy.

Harry’s past misdeeds have landed Veronica in hot water with the powerful men he stole from. Now she owes them millions. It occurs there is one way to get it.  Complete the next job he been planning when he died. To do this, she will need to recruit the fellow widows of Harry’s men. The screen damn near explodes as this genre caper suddenly encompasses a whole social strata: race, class, politics, gender; McQueen takes his time carefully placing all the pieces of the puzzle before blasting them all off the table in a terrifying climactic heist. This is a thriller with real guts. (research Jack Whiting) Yeah right-on man...