Skate Kitchen (15)

Skate Kitchen

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Saturday 24 Nov 201814:00 Book Now

Now here’s a first: a film based entirely on an Instagram feed (we must look forward to it being the last). A perfect amalgamation of fantasy and reality through the lens of a coming-of-age tale.

This sun-drenched story introduces Rachelle Vinberg as Camille, a lonely teen who just wants to skate. She struggles to forge a connection with her peers in the Long Island suburb she calls home, and so escapes to New York City to find an Insta-famous female skate collective: The Skate Kitchen.

Following on from her awards documentary, The Wolfpack, Crystal Moselle’s latest offering is based on her own 2016 short: That One Day, which features much of the same cast. Real members of The Skate Kitchen play thinly disguised versions of themselves. The years of chemistry between the crew and their familiarity with skater slang adds authenticity to the film’s dialogue, talked as naturally as an ‘ollie’?

New York itself becomes a skate park, beautifully filmed by Moselle. In her dedication to represent youth culture in an authentic way, she captures ‘teen angst’, insecurity and gender politics earnestly, so separating this from the rest. (research Jack Whiting) A welcome matinee experiment for teenage girls, none younger than 15 or older than19.