A Simple Favor (15)

A Simple Favor

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Wednesday 21 Nov 201819:30 Book Now (SINGLE SEATS)

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively shine in this savagely entertaining thriller from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig.

Stephanie Smothers, a widow living in a posh Connecticut suburb of New York, counting out the days until her clueless husband Sean’s life insurance money runs out, and meanwhile attempting to make a go of it with her vlog where she offers helpful life hacks to busy mums.

After striking up a friendship with the seductive Emily (Lively) Stephanie and Sean find themselves turning amateur sleuths following their newfound friend’s sudden disappearance. Throughout their investigations, affection grows between the two but as strange events begin to pile up, they soon realise the bulk of them seem to be connected to Emily’s mysterious past.

Feig takes a deliciously dark turn into neo-noir by way of spiky social satire. Forget hard-boiled detective, here at the centre of his very unusual yarn is an enigmatic femme fatale to rival any from the golden age of Bogie and Bacall. A comic mystery that smacks of a wittier Gone Girl, A Simple Favour gradually ventures into more off-the-wall territory. It’s wildly funny, delightfully devious and an unanticipated joy ride. (Research Chris Coetsee) Anticipate an off-the-grid joy indeed. Don’t miss.