C'est la vie! (15)

C'est la vie!

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Monday 25 Feb 201919:30 Book Now (SINGLE SEATS)

The directing duo who graced us with the loveable Rex classic Untouchable, has returned with this riotous ensemble comedy about the preparations for a chateau-set wedding.

At the centre of the action is Max (Jean-Pierre Bacri), the head of a catering company with wedding planner duties, whose motto is 'We adapt'. That phrase is tested to its limit with the impending nuptials of groomzilla Pierre (Benjamin Lavernhe) and his bride-to-be Héléna (Judith Chemla). Max's problems begin when egotistical wedding singer Etienne, aka DJ James (Gilles Lellouche) turns up as a last-minute replacement and quickly picks a fight with Adèle (Eye Haidara) Max's foul-mouthed second-in-command. Other disasters soon follow, including a bout of food poisoning, an unexpected power outage and the fact that one of the waiters is in love with the bride.

Like expert jugglers at a slapstick circus, the directors keep most of the characters and their faults and needs neatly in the air, with the rhythm hardly flagging and the tone buzzy and bustling throughout without becoming exhausting. C'est la Vie! relashies in its off-kilter characters, and has a sweet, sentimental heart, which builds to a good-natured, ludicrous high. (Jack Whiting) French and fabulous. Don’t miss.