Swimming With Men (12A)

Swimming With Men

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Tuesday 31 Jul 201819:30 Book Now (SINGLE SEATS)

Rob Brydon sculls, rolls and dives in Oliver Parkers splashy comedy-drama.

Brydon plays Eric Scott, a man suffering from a midlife crisis, not knowing where to turn or what to do next. Following a moment of realisation floating at the bottom of his local pool, he decides that rather than sit around feeling sorry for himself, he’ll reinvigorate his life by diving into the world of male synchronised swimming, believing he can win back the affections of his wife Heather (Jane Horrocks) in the process. (‘Formation drowning’ - TW’s 90s radio wit). Joining his local team, Eric finds an unlikely brotherhood in his fellow swimmers as they train for the world championships in Milan.

It’s all tremendous fun? With a cast of unlikelies Daniel Mays, This is England’s Thomas Turgoose and Rupert Graves of Sherlock fame, it makes for a plucky, diverse group who inevitably bounce off each another, both comically and under water.

As Mays’ character Colin sums up: “We're just a bunch of middle-aged men who want to meet up in trunks that are too small for us, and make funny little patterns in a pool.’ (research Chris Coetsee). Brydon’s unsurprising attempt at a Full Monty, treads water in the shallow end.