Ocean's 8 (12A)

Ocean's 8

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Some may baulk at yet another male dominated franchise being handed over without a fight to a female ensemble. Yet Oceans 8 shows that girls can have just as much, if not more fun, with wafer thin material.

What else does the film prove? That Sandra Bullock is just as fit to front an Ocean’s film as George Clooney, if not, rather more so. That Anne Hathaway’s comic skills and self-parody are well worth showcasing in bitchy roles. That Cate Blanchett absolutely rocks in cheetah-print coats and biker leathers.

Bullock stars as Debbie Ocean, the cheerily amoral sister of Clooney’s Danny. Thieving runs in the family it seems. She has been languishing behind bars, and the moment she is out, the high heels go straight back on as she begins to put together the crew for her biggest robbery yet: to pinch a $150m necklace at the Met Gala in New York.

Ignore the naysayers; Ocean’s 8 is slick summer escapism. Who wouldn't want to enjoy the company of eight actresses who make a zirconium plot sparkle like diamonds. (Jack Whiting). Who indeed, Jack. Come and see.