Yellow Submarine (U)

Yellow Submarine

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This unique 1968 animated odyssey celebrates its 50th year of deep-diving psychedelia.

Inspired by the Sgt Pepper album, this was a rare feature-length animated movie for the UK then. It would open the creative doors for much of the fantastically diverse and challenging works of animation that exist today. The band itself, by ‘68 were falling apart, amongst other things, hence they refused anything to do with it, but were buoyed by its unique creativity.

The Fab Four’s quest to save the blissful Pepperland from the monstrous Blue Meanies has never looked or sounded more beautiful. In order to preserve its quality, every piece of hand-drawn artwork has been painstakingly restored in 4K digital resolution, frame-by-frame. Similarly, (muso-geek warning:) every note and chord of the soundtrack has also been remixed in 5.1 stereo surround sound at Abbey Road.

Taking a magical mystery tour through a swirling sea of art history and pop-culture, Yellow Submarine’s sheer charm explodes through its fantastical imagery and music's own ability to transform, and spark the imagination half a century later. (research Chris Coetsee)

We, among the original (Cavern) fans, were sniffy, and hated the voices. But now… it’s fab.

Here, not for long, on the big screen. Come. Don’t miss it.