Solo: A Star Wars Story (12A)

Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Star Wars oversaturation continues with this spin-off charting the exploits of the galaxy’s most lovable smuggler in his younger years.

Harrison Ford IS Han Solo, so his replacement has the unenviable task of filling his space shoes, which Alden Ehrenreich does more than admirably. Set a handful of years before the 1977 space opera (when Luke was too young for his own skyhopper) we find our fresh faced scoundrel making a dishonest living in a far galaxy at the height of Empire occupation.

Things get interesting when he agrees to take on a job for Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson) and joins a rogues gallery of crooks on a mission that will lead him to eventually cross paths with Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) and Lando (Donald Glover with extra swagger) and, fresh off production line, the Millennium Falcon! So really, it’s a series of moments to introduce audiences to the elements that make up the Han we know and love. The film plays out like a combination of Western and Heist in space, with a fantastic (fantastical) train robbery as its centrepiece.

Not a light-sabre in sight. (research Jack Whiting) but many a quick-draw wisecrack. One Star Wars-y spin, not to miss.