McKellen: Playing the Part (12A)

McKellen: Playing the Part

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There was bound to be melancholy at times, bittersweet here and there and uplifting at others, seeing and listening to Ian McKellen talking about his life and watching him. So many parts, so often. “From the age of 15 to 25 I was obsessed with how unattractive I was, at a time that should have been my glory years.” Then later, he would observe how little he cared about how he looked outside of work. His hair and his clothes, even his face, or especially his face were “For a part, but not for me”. So too, at 78 and about to play King Lear one last time, he sees nothing morbid about death. “It’s fascinating! But old age comes as a shock.” His openness is heart lifting, even when accompanied by that melancholy. Whether you come for Gandalf or the knight of the stage, old or young come for him as he is, whoever he is. It was hard enough to get him to agree to the film, so don’t miss this one chance to listen to Ian McKellen… in his own words.