Jeune Femme (15)

Jeune Femme

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A stunning central performance from actor Laetitia Dosch spearheads Léonor Serraille's unforgettable debut feature.

Dosch plays Paula, a shambolic mess who manages to instantly alienate everyone around her. When we first meet her, she erupts into raging life, shouting the house down and as she hammers on the door of ex-boyfriend Joachim. He’s damned if he’s going to let her into the apartment and back into his life, and she’s damned if she’s going to take no for an answer, from him or from the world. Storming off into the night in search of somewhere to stay, Paula tries desperately to piece her life back together.

Shot and edited to give cohesion to the physical and verbal ramblings of its central character, Jeune Femme is a triumphant joy. Bulging with dark laughs and at times quivering with loneliness and fear, Serraille’s first foray into feature film was crafted by an almost entirely female crew and in a year that Cannes purportedly aims to focus on women directors, Serraille is surely one that will be making waves on the festival circuit and beyond in the future. (research Chris Coetsee) Come and see, you might be glad by the end…