The Nile Hilton Incident (15)

The Nile Hilton Incident

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Days before his country’s 2011 revolution, an Egyptian police officer attempts to unravel a shocking murder mystery in Tarik Saleh’s potently bleak neo-noir.

The coolest of cool, Fares Fares plays Noredin, a detective who has risen through the ranks through nepotism and takes a very casual view of the law. He’ll demand a bribe or steal cash from a dead body without a second thought or nervous glance. That’s just the way things work. Don’t ask or do things right, just take the money and make no waves.

But when a famous singer is murdered in a Cairo hotel room, he has a powerful attack of conscience and endeavours to pursue justice. With just one witness and a constant battle with his superiors to uphold the case, Noredin finds himself out on his own and making waves in a dangerous city.

A thrilling and effective story that is refreshingly light on melodrama, the Nile Hilton Incident subtly and smartly shifts the focus away from the bad guys themselves to why so little is done to prosecute them. In true noir fashion, the corrupt sleep soundly while the rest don’t. (research Chris Coetsee) A real murky street thriller. Don’t miss.