Rampage (12A)


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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has a screen presence to behold; if anyone can look like they know what’s going on when the audience doesn’t, it’s him.

The ex-wrestler plays David Okoye, a soldier turned primatologist (imagine a rock hard, version of David Attenborough, with pecs ready-greased) who prefers animals to people, and who can blame him, with so many evil humans at large? He is especially close to the albino ape, George, whom he rescued when the little chimp was only two years old. He has taught George sign language, which allows the ape to give him the finger, fist bump, and how to share a joke. Cute, yeah?

Energyne (who thinks up these evil corporation names?) is meddling with science beyond their control via a growth serum; naturally, things go awry, and before long there’s a 100ft wolf and an equally gargantuan reptile tearing their way through downtown Chicago. This serum also finds its way to George, where he too morphs into what is basically an albino King Kong and throws in with the other monsters while Johnson does his thing: pilots helicopters, punches people, and shoots really, really big guns. (research Jack Whiting) Wish Dwayne Rock was in On Chesil Beach…