Unsane (15)


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Wednesday 30 May 201819:30 Book Now

Steven Soderbergh continues his retirement from retirement with this tight little social thriller about a woman’s crumbling mental state.

Shot entirely on an iPhone - which offers the diverse director techniques and perspectives he wouldn’t have considered with conventional cameras, (“it’s the future” he says, apparently) Unsane stars Claire Foy as Sawyer Valentini, an efficient, tough-talking data analyst. She's just moved to Pennsylvania, where a stalker has made her life a living hell. She is a complete wreck, unable to form friendships or relationships. One day she ill-advisedly appears to confess to fleeting thoughts of suicide to her hospital-based psychotherapist. This therapist coolly asks her to sign a document, which she thinks is just committing her to more sessions. But suddenly big white-coated men lead her to a locked room. And in that secure facility, she becomes convinced that the attendant nurse is actually her stalker.

Claire Foy gives a dedicated performance and tackles the increasingly ludicrous plot with a straight face. The smartphone approach gives such an eerily claustrophobic viewpoint that you’ll find yourself losing your marbles too. (Jack Whiting) Bring a hand to hold - tight.