A Quiet Place (15)

A Quiet Place

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John Krasinski silently jangles the nerves in this fraught supernatural thriller.

Set in a dystopian future, a race of mysterious creatures have taken over the planet and while seemingly impossible to defeat, they have one critical weakness – they’re blind with, presumably, no sense of smell? Make a sound however, and you’re hunted.

Caught up in a frantic struggle for survival are Lee (Krasinski) Evelyn (his missus - Emily Blunt) and their children. Heartbroken and empty following a tragic family loss, they have an obligation to each other to stay alive, but when Evelyn becomes pregnant, their ability to navigate their treacherous, noiseless land in silence is pushed to extreme limits.

It’s a fair argument to suggest that sound is a most important ingredient to begin unsettling audiences, when it comes to tense or horror-ish movies. A Quiet Place is such an intriguing production for just this reason. Remove your most prominent narrative device and it makes it even more prominent. The sounds of wind and water, how much people say with their eyes, the power of communication and the keenness of its loss. All the more engaging… and all the more terrifying. (Research Chris Coetsee) Don’t miss this fabulous, thrilling, heart-in-mouth tension. Suck your crisps.